Robin’s confidence and positivity are contagious and jump off the page.  She urges people to get fit, feel strong and be positive and she makes it seem so simple.  Improve your life!  No excuses.

I first found Robin’s blog shortly after becoming a Mum for the first time. It was such a special time but also a vulnerable one. It is easy to lose your identity and confidence after having a baby. 

I was encouraged to run my first half marathon by other friends that had recently become mothers. It was a positive focus that gave me energy despite my sleep deprivation. Robin’s words on her blog and instagram made me feel part of something – part of a world wide running movement. I felt inspired. 

When I read more about Robin’s life and discovered what she had gone through and that her Mum had been diagnosed with MS in 1999 I contacted her to see if I could make a short film about her. I felt that Robin had a unique take on the world; as neither a celebrity nor a paid athlete she gave up her successful job as a lawyer to follow her dream of running and writing about running. She has suffered so much adversity in her life but she refuses to be a victim. The world can never have enough positive female role models empowering other women.

As luck and synchronicity would have it I met Robin at the Paris marathon. Soon she would be embarking on the biggest challenge of her life so far – to run five marathons in five days in the extreme terrain of the Utah desert to raise money for MS research. Before I knew it, I was on a plane and 'Run It Out' was born. The story that unravelled in front of the lens was so compelling that the short film I had originally imagined grew into a feature length documentary.